Since its establishment, L&J IMPEX(HK)LIMITED has devoted itself to the supply of diversified products, closely following needs of the international market, combining eastern and western cultures, and providing the best quality products at the most reasonable prices for our clients.

In addition, L&J also offers a full range of transport and logistics solutions to meet our client's needs. Through cooperation with different international companies, L&J has developed into a comprehensive trading company with a mature management system, and a widespread market network.

L&J is an international supplier with a wide and diverse range of products including emergency relief and consumer goods, heavy and light industrial products and machinery, and a range of chemical and agro-products. Established in January 2008, our company has grown quickly, a testament to the trust and quality acknowledged by our clients.

L&J is recognized as a solid and professional company with specialized knowledge and quality service, able to work on a personal level to meet the needs of its client base. Through these relations, and a commitment to both high quality products and service, L&J has developed strong business relations in Europe and Asia, and continues to seek responsible expansion of its business to the Middle East, Africa, South America, and elsewhere as part of the global marketplace.

L&J IMPEX HK LIMITED currently supports its operation with a staff of more than 20 people in two continents, and prides itself in retaining the highest credibility, achievable only by putting our clients first, and doing our best to ensure the high quality supply and service at the fairest price.

Preferential Pricing
In addition to our own network of factory production, L&J retains outstanding relations with international suppliers and clients, and we pride ourselves in the ability to provide products of various grade and price, to meet the very diverse needs of multi-sector clients.

Communication without Obstacles
L&J prides itself in meeting your needs in any language and situation. With our advantages in communication in English, Chinese, Russian and other commonly used business languages, We have the best access to products directly from their source, often inaccessible by others due to language and cultural barriers. These benefits are reflected in our prices, which we proudly pass on to you!

Management of Supply Chain
L&J has a complete set of service modes for business and supply chain management, from initial discussions with a client, to the delivery of samples, supervision of factory production, and final safe packing and shipment of your order to anywhere in the world. Our team has a wealth of experience, and can ensure quality full supply chain service, for a competitive price.

Dynamic Team
L&J has a high-quality operations team with professional attention to client management and after-sales support, which is the foundation for the trust we guarantee our clients. Our ability to develop and expand the business is only possible through earning that trust, and is a primary motivational force of our company.

Since its establishment, L&J has recognized the importance of social responsibility, and of being a good corporate citizen to those communities in need. Whether floods or typhoons, earthquakes or winter freeze, we promise to do what we can to contribute to those in need. Business is business, but to cherish humanity is our persistent principle.

Emergency Product Line
L&J has a broad knowledge of the marketplace to meet our customer needs. We supply a wide range of products for both emergency and non-emergency situations including blankets, kitchen sets, water containers, tents, tarpaulins, sleeping bags, insecticide treated mosquito nets, and a wide range of other emergency relief items sold to regions throughout the world.  Products specifications are available on requests, or we are willing to discuss tailor made products according to individual needs of our clients.

International Certification
Most products supplied by L&J have passed ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Assurance. We honor our contracts, and ensure that our products are of excellent quality, and will be supplied according to agreed timelines. The Pledge of L&J: We strive to give our clients the most quality service, and best product options, at the most competetive price. For clients at home or abroad, know that you can always count on the L&J team your committed partner, to find solutions for all of your emergency and non-emergency needs.